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A Poem About A Man And His Mini Digger

In a town not far away, where buildings rose and fell, There lived a jolly worker, a man named Old MacDell. With a hard hat on his noggin and steel-toed boots a-stride, He’d swing his mini digger with a grin from ear to side.

Oh, the joy that filled his heart, a tune he’d hum and whistle, As he hopped into the cockpit, his hand upon the thistle. He’d dig and churn the earth, a dance of dirt and rock, His mini digger’s tireless work the tick-tock of the clock.

But workdays do come to an end, and sun does set in the west, Yet Old MacDell’s devotion to his digger, it did not rest. He’d take his mini digger home, a guest of the highest order, He’d park it in the driveway, then carry it past the border.

His wife, a patient woman, would shake her head and sigh, As she watched her husband wheel the digger by and by. Their dining room transformed, a parking spot it did assume, And there in the corner, the mini digger would consume.

Now, the digger could not eat, but still Old MacDell would cater, He’d serve it motor oil and grease, for dessert, a radiator. He’d clink his glass and toast, “To my metal friend so dear, May we dig and break and build, for many a blessed year!”

And when the meal was done, and plates were cleared away, Old MacDell would smile and say, “My digger, let’s go play!” He’d fill the tub with water, and bubbles to the brim, His wife would leave, exasperated, as their bathroom light grew dim.

He’d scrub the tires and polish the scoop, the digger’s sheen renewed, He’d sing a tune, a ballad of love, his heart forever true. Their laughter echoed through the house, a harmony of man and machine, A bond that could not be broken, a scene from some strange dream.

Neighbors would often wonder, as they peered through windows and blinds, “What is that peculiar noise, and what secrets does it hide?” And there they’d see Old MacDell, atop his mini digger, Splashing in the bath, a picture of joy, a merry figure.

The tale of MacDell and his mini digger spread through the land, A legendary duo, their friendship strong and grand. So if you chance upon them, in that town not far away, Join their joyous chorus, and dig and splash the day!

A Poem About A Man And His Mini Digger

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