Jewsons Stirling

For those tackling projects that require precision and efficiency, Jewson’s tool hire service, including micro digger and mini excavator rentals, offers a solution. Their knowledgeable staff can answer how deep can a mini digger trench or how much weight can a mini excavator carry, ensuring tradespeople have the information needed to choose the right equipment. This expertise is part of Jewson’s commitment to supporting the construction trade with quality tools and insightful advice.

In addition, Jewson’s project estimating service and the availability of specialist branches for brick and timber highlight their comprehensive approach to supporting tradespeople. Whether you’re starting a new project or in the midst of one, Jewson’s range of services, from tool hire to project planning assistance, ensures you have the support needed to complete your work successfully. With Jewson, tradespeople gain not just a supplier but a partner committed to providing everything needed for project completion.

Jewsons Stirling
Whitehouse Road, Springkerse Industrial Estate
Springkerse Industrial Estate
Stirling FK7 7SS
United Kingdom

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