Jewsons Spennymoor

Choosing the right mini digger for a project can often be a complex decision, involving considerations such as the digger’s size and the specific requirements of the job. Jewson’s staff, leveraging their deep understanding of the trade and the extensive range of tools available, are perfectly positioned to offer advice on the best size mini digger for any task. Their branches, covering the length and breadth of the UK, are hubs of expertise where customers can find support for their construction needs, backed by a tradition of excellence since 1836.

Jewson’s commitment to the construction and trade sectors is further demonstrated by their kitchen and bathroom showrooms, which serve to inspire customers with a wide range of design possibilities. These showrooms, coupled with Jewson’s award-winning service, reflect the company’s understanding that the trade is about more than just supplies; it’s about delivering solutions that meet the broad needs of their customers. From the initial stages of project planning to the final execution, Jewson is there to support their customers with high-quality tools, materials, and advice.

Jewsons Spennymoor
Front Street, Merrington Lane Industrial Estate
Merrington Lane Industrial Estate
Spennymoor DL16 7RZ
United Kingdom

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