HSS Hire Wolverhampton (Click & Collect)

When looking for the ideal partner for your digging needs, HSS Hire stands out with its extensive range of Mini Diggers, Micro Diggers, Excavators, and a variety of attachments tailored for different job sizes. Their Micro Excavators are perfect for navigating through tight and compact spaces, making them an indispensable tool for projects with limited maneuvering room. On the other hand, their Mini Excavators excel in small excavating tasks, while the Heavy Excavators are designed for larger jobs requiring more power and weight. This versatility ensures that, regardless of the project scale, HSS Hire has the right equipment for the task at hand.

Moreover, HSS Hire simplifies the hiring process. Whether you need a breaker, bucket, wacker, pallet fork, or even specialized piling attachments, their range has you covered. The convenience doesn’t stop there; they pride themselves on delivering these machines directly to your excavation site or providing the option for collection, making the hire process as seamless as possible. For those concerned about operating the equipment, HSS offers comprehensive CPCS, NPORS, and EUSR training courses, ensuring you have the necessary skills and confidence to handle the machinery safely and efficiently. This commitment to customer service, combined with their broad selection of equipment, makes HSS Hire a reliable choice for any construction or DIY project.

HSS Hire Wolverhampton (Click & Collect)
51 Wednesfield Rd.
Wolverhampton WV10 0DW
United Kingdom

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