HSS Hire Stoke (Phone/E-mail Only)

In the fast-paced world of construction, efficiency and flexibility are key to staying ahead. HSS Hire’s compact excavator rental services offer the perfect blend of both, providing a selection of excavators that are suited for jobs where space is at a premium but performance cannot be compromised. From micro to mini models, their range is designed to tackle anything from the most intricate landscaping projects to larger construction tasks requiring more power and depth.

What makes HSS Hire a preferred choice for many is not just their equipment but also their unparalleled service. They understand that time is of the essence on any project, which is why they offer options for both delivery and collection of their equipment, catering to the unique needs of their clients. This flexibility, combined with their expertise in offering advice and bespoke solutions, ensures that your project benefits from the right equipment at the right time.

HSS Hire goes beyond equipment hire, offering a suite of training courses designed to enhance safety and skill on the job site. From CPCS to NPORS and EUSR courses, they provide valuable opportunities for professional development, ensuring teams are not only equipped with the best tools but also with the knowledge to use them effectively. This comprehensive approach to service makes HSS Hire an indispensable partner in construction.

HSS Hire Stoke (Phone/E-mail Only)
292 Waterloo Road
Stoke-On-Trent ST6 3HX
United Kingdom

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