HSS Hire North Shields (Phone/E-mail Only)

Tight spaces require precise and compact solutions, which is exactly what HSS Hire’s micro digger hire offers. These machines are designed to navigate through narrow gates and other confined spaces. This makes them ideal for residential landscaping projects or any task where space is limited. Despite their compact size, HSS Hire’s micro diggers deliver powerful performance, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly and efficiently, even in the most restricted environments.

HSS Hire’s micro diggers are not just about accessing tight spaces; they’re also about providing a user-friendly experience. With features designed to enhance ease of use and safety, these micro diggers are suitable for operators of all experience levels. The team at HSS Hire is committed to ensuring you have the right equipment for your project, offering advice and support to help you choose the best micro digger for your specific needs. With their help, you can tackle any project with confidence, knowing you have the right tools at your disposal.

HSS Hire North Shields (Phone/E-mail Only)
Unit 3, Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate
Narvik Way
North Shields NE29 7DE
United Kingdom

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