HSS Hire Hanworth (Phone/E-mail Only)

Renovating your property just got simpler with mini diggers from HSS Hire. These compact powerhouses are perfect for tasks from garden remodeling to laying new foundations. Their small size belies their strength, capable of tackling tough digging tasks with ease. Therefore, they’re indispensable for homeowners and contractors looking to streamline their renovation projects.

Moreover, HSS Hire takes the hassle out of equipment rental. Their straightforward booking process and flexible hire periods are designed to fit your project timeline, making it easier to plan and execute your renovation work. So, for a renovation project that requires heavy lifting and digging, turning to HSS Hire’s mini diggers is a smart move.

HSS Hire Hanworth (Phone/E-mail Only)
Unit 8 Hanworth Trading Estate
Hampton Road West
Hanworth TW13 6DH
United Kingdom

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