HSS Hire at PGR – Chelmsford

Micro diggers from HSS Hire are enhancing efficiency in infrastructure projects across urban and rural areas. Their compact size and powerful digging capabilities make them ideal for tasks that require precision and minimal disruption, such as utility line installations and road repairs. Moreover, their ability to work in tight spaces allows infrastructure projects to proceed without unnecessary delays or complications.

HSS Hire’s commitment to providing reliable, high-quality equipment ensures that infrastructure projects can be completed efficiently and effectively. With a focus on customer service and support, HSS Hire ensures that every project has the right tools for success. So, for infrastructure projects that require nimble yet powerful digging equipment, HSS Hire’s micro diggers are the solution.

HSS Hire at PGR – Chelmsford
10, 12 & 14 Hanbury Road
Widford Industrial Estate
Chelmsford CM1 3AE
United Kingdom

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