HSS Hire at Buttle’s – Leighton Buzzard

HSS Hire brings unparalleled flexibility to your small and big excavation tasks. Their range spans from Micro to Heavy Excavators, each tailored for specific project sizes. Micro Excavators excel in narrow spaces, making them perfect for residential landscaping. Meanwhile, Mini Excavators offer agility and power for small construction tasks. For larger projects, their Heavy Excavators deliver unmatched strength and efficiency.

Choosing the right equipment is crucial for any excavation work. HSS Hire not only provides a wide variety of diggers but also equips them with necessary attachments. Whether it’s breaking concrete with a breaker or moving heavy loads with a bucket, they have you covered. Their expert team can guide you to the best choice, ensuring your project’s success with the right tools.

HSS Hire at Buttle’s – Leighton Buzzard
80-86 Grovebury Rd
Leighton Buzzard LU7 4TD
United Kingdom

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