List Your Mini Digger(s) For Hire - Subscription Plans

Our goal is to provide our customers with clear and upfront pricing options. Rather than charging per referral or booking, we offer a flat monthly fee based on the number of locations. This allows you to maximize your exposure on our platform and connect with as many potential customers as you’d like without worrying about additional fees. We’ve designed our pricing options to be accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes so that you can focus on growing your business and attracting new customers.

In addition to our standard pricing, we also offer a sponsored listing that can increase your company’s visibility on our platform. A sponsored listing will display your company’s logo as a banner across the top of the page, giving it high visibility to potential customers. This premium feature costs £495 per year and is an excellent way to boost your company’s exposure and differentiate yourself from competitors. To learn more about our sponsored listing option, please contact us for additional details.

Pricing Overview

Monthly 12 Months
Single Location £5 £50
Up to 5 Locations £8 £65
Up to 15 Locations £12 £100
More Than 15 Locations Contact Us Contact Us
Sponsored Listing £60 £495

All prices are plus VAT.

Single Location - 1 Month

Single Location - 12 Months

Upto 5 Locations - 1 Month

Upto 5 Locations - 12 Months

Upto 15 Locations - 1 Month

Upto 15 Locations - 12 Months

Sponsored Listing - 1 Month

Sponsored Listing - 12 Months